Weekly Schedule

The workshop will run from Monday afternoon through Saturday afternoon. Each day will be filled with lectures, discussions, site visits and film screenings. In addition, NEH Summer Scholars will have time to work on curricular projects with their colleagues.

On Monday participants check in starting at 12:00 p.m. The workshop will begin at 4:00 with a welcome from the Project Directors, an introduction to the workshop, and a tour of the Ramapo College campus. A dinner, hosted by the College, will be followed by short talks establishing the themes and activities for the week.

On Tuesday our topic will be “Estuary, Harbor, Gateway” and will focus on New York Harbor, the mouth of the river. We will travel to the Liberty Science Center to discuss the environmental history of the river system with Stephen Stanne before crossing the river to southern Manhattan,where we will take a walking tour, revealing the ways in which the Hudson has shaped the history of New York City.

On Wednesday our topic will be “Commerce, Art and Tourism. ”  Our focus turns northward as we explore the impact of such innovations as the Erie Canal and the steamboat, and the art that followed in the wake of these developments. After morning lectures by Thomas Wermuth and Elizabeth Hutchinson the group will travel to the Hudson River Museum and work with the museum’s varied collections.

On Thursday we take up “The Romantic River and the Historical Imagination.” After a morning of campus-based activities, including a lecture by Judith Richardson, we head to Washington Irving’s home Sunnyside, where we will examine the architecture and landscape design as particular expressions of nineteenth-century Romanticism. The day will conclude with a visit to the neighboring Neo-Gothic mansion Lyndhurst, home to several prominent men, including Gilded Age financier Jay Gould.

On Friday our theme is “Race, Labor and the Landscape.” A morning lecture by Myra Armstead is followed by a site visit to Mount Gulian, providing a window into an African-American experience of the river. In the afternoon we set out by boat to travel through the Hudson Highlands, one of the most scenic sections of the river. Dinner at a waterfront restaurant caps off our day.

On Saturday participants will reflect on the week with Carley Moore, an author who has written about the natural and man-made environments that surround us. Following this, participants will break into groups to further develop their lesson plans and consider ways to “Take the Hudson home.” After a closing lunch, the workshop will end at 2:30 pm.